Dementia: Meeting Centre

Meeting Centre: a different social club

Angus Carers Centre have embarked on a new and exciting journey in launching our first community centre – Arbroath Connections.

Our centre has been put in place to support carers and their families living with the challenges dementia can bring.

From days out to activities in, buffet lunches, continued support and signposting; we support our members throughout their journey living with identifying and living with dementia, a service we are extremely proud and passionate about.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash
"A Meeting Centre is a local resource, operating out of ordinary community buildings, that offers on-going warm and friendly expert support to people with mild to moderate dementia and their families. At the heart of the Meeting Centre is a social club where people meet to have fun, talk to others and get help that focuses on what they need. Meeting Centres are based on sound research evidence of what helps people to cope well in adjusting to living with the symptoms and changes that dementia brings."
University of Worcester

Who can join the Meeting Centre?

Meeting Centres are open to anyone who self-identifies as having mild to moderate dementia. Once contact is made, our team will invite the future member for a chat to find out more about them and determine what support would look at if they join the Meeting Centre. 

Our activities include:

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