Short Breaks Bureau

Short breaks are an essential part of the overall support that families and carers need to help them care for a family member, partner or friend. They can enable carers to have a break from the day to day responsibilities of caring and can range from a couple of hours to longer periods depending on individual circumstances.

It is important that carers have a range of options which are flexible; sometimes they may like a break on their own, sometimes with the person they care for or with a friend, an opportunity to get time to themselves in their own home or to go away for a while. The essential part is what will make a difference to them.

Angus Carers Centre has a One Stop Shop which has a range of information on Short Break options for carers.

Self-Directed Support (SDS)
Self Directed Support is about having choice, control and flexibility over the support you receive. Carers can have a Self-Directed Support assessment in your own right. This may open up other options for support for you.

The One Stop Shop can provide you with information about Self-Directed Support including how to access a Carers SDS Assessment. We can also put you in touch with a Support Broker who is independent from the Local Authority or any provider. Their role is to talk through your options with you about how you want to live your life.

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