Young Carers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can make a referral to the Young Carers Service?
A: We have an open system for referrals and will therefore accept referrals from all sources including family members, doctors, social workers, schools. We also accept self referrals.

Q: Can young carers contact the Young Carers Service directly?
A: Yes, we really like to hear directly from young people. If you telephone the service a young carers worker can talk to you about your situation and advise you about the various kinds of support available. If you then wanted to meet up with a young carers workers we could arrange a meeting.

Q: What can I do if I know someone who is a young carer would benefit from your services?
A: Please let them and/or their families know about the Young Carers Service and what it offers. Each situation is different and comes with its own sensitivities. If you are unsure how to proceed then please get in touch.

Q: Does my parent need to know if I am meeting with you?
A: Whilst your parents do not need to know that you have been referred to the young carers project, we require parental consent for young carers to participate in young carers activities and support. Therefore we would encourage that you informed your parents. If you require assistance with this please contact a young carers worker.

Q: Will I be able to go on trips and days out with the Young Carers Service?
A: Yes, we organise day trips and outings during the school holidays. IN addition we occasionally organise longer trips away such as residential.

Q: Do I have to pay for any trips or activities I go on?
A: Most trips and activities we organise are free of charge. You may however wish to bring a small amount of spending money if appropriate.

Q: Do all young people involved with the Young Carers’ Service get the same support?
A: No – all young people will be offered an assessment to ensure that they are offered the range of support that suits them best. Some young people need more support than others. We will always talk to you to find out what support is right for you and then use a system of goal setting and review to ensure that the receive sufficient support.

Q: Can my friend join me on activities with the Young Carers Service?
A: We have been specifically set up to support young carers so we cannot include other young people in our activities. If your friend is a young carer, ask them to make contact with us so that we can see how best to support them.

Q: What if I do not want social work or my school to know that I am a young carer?
A: That is fine – we will not talk to anyone unless you have said that we can. The only time we would have to break that rule is if we believed you were in danger or being harmed.


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