Learning Opportunities
For Carers

Learning Opportunities for Carers

Often a carer finds themselves in a caring situation for which they have not been prepared or feel that they lack the skills needed. We can organise or access specific support for a carer in this situation.

Training is given in response to the needs of carers. Examples of sessions that have been delivered or facilitated by Angus Carers Centre include:

  • Managing Stress,
  • Emergency First Aid,
  • Wellness, Recovery and Action Plan (WRAP),
  • IT Training,
  • Overdose awareness training,
  • Dementia training,
  • Open University Caring Counts,
  • ADHD Awareness,
  • Self-Directed Support (SDS).


Leisure and Exercise Opportunities
Regular exercise can help to keep both the body and mind healthy, as well as providing opportunities for social friendships. Working in partnership with Angus Alive, carers registered with the Centre can access concessionary rates to all Angus Alive Leisure facilities.


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