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We are here because we believe in our cause, our vision, our calling. 

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Young Carers Team


I am Leanne and I am the Families Programme Worker here at Angus Carers Centre. I have worked here for quite a few years now and love the fact that I get to work so closely with children and families. My main role is planning and facilitating days out, activities and experiences for those looking after a child with additional support needs. There is never a dull moment as you can imagine and all the planning and organising is so worth it when you see smiley faces (from parents and children!)

After graduating from Aberdeen University (which seems like a lifetime ago now) I spent 6 years within the Active Schools Network, helping with holiday clubs and running the Warddykes Primary School Girls Football Team.


During this time, I earned my SFA Level 2 Coaching qualifications and also took on coaching Arbroath Lads Club Under 9’s boys team for a while. All those rainy Sunday mornings spent at the football pitch was where I felt comfortable as I had spent most of my youth playing football myself. I know all too well how beneficial involvement and inclusion in sports and activities can be to young people and this has led me to the role I am in now and I absolutely love it.

I consider myself lucky to be in this role because, with the length of time I have been in post, it has allowed me to be part of lots of children growing up and developing their skills, overcoming challenges and exploring their own identities and personalities – and trust me, there are plenty of little characters I am proud to have met along the way.

Mobile: 07387 017441
Email: leanne@anguscarers.org.uk

Hi, I am Lynne George, I am a Rights and Engagement Officer for Angus Young Carers service.

My role is to complete young carer assessments, provide support and time for the YC to build resilience.  Once young people have been identified as having a caring role. I support young carers in school across Angus on a one-to-one basis as well as supporting to complete young carers statements. I help organise and attend activities to help support the young carers to have a break from their caring roles this can be from meeting for a coffee to a paid activities with other young carers. 

I love working with young people it has been my chosen career since leaving school. I have had several roles in the previous years, working for 20 years in residential children’s homes to becoming a foster parent and supporting/teaching in school settings.  I have now been with Angus carers for 2 years working alongside some of the most amazing young people I have ever met. 

In My spare time I enjoy long walks with my 2 dogs spending time with family and friends and when we get some nice weather, I love a good BBQ in the garden with my friend’s family and neighbours.  

07387 017436


My name is Morag, I am the Young Carer Education Development worker.

My role, alongside supporting existing registered Young Carers in schools & groups, is supporting schools across Angus with the identification of Young Carers, to promote the completion of the Young Carers Statement and promote young carer awareness with staff and school community.

I love my job and have such a diverse remit that no two days are the same.

Before joining ACC I spent 15 years working in secondary schools as ASN and behaviour support and developed and delivered the Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme.

I also have a very small cake business making wedding cakes and occasional novelty cakes for friends and family.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family and have a great social circle, every weekend holds something fun.

I try to get out camping as much as possible and never miss the opportunity to pitch up when the weather allows. I love all sport especially football, rugby, and golf, and have been known to throw myself about in a kayak from time to time, although along with the before mentioned sports, I am a far better spectator than participant.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at ACC and look forward to many more.

07387 017446


Hi, my name is Laurie, I have recently started my post with Angus Care Centre as the Young Carers Service Manager.  I work as part of a vibrant, diverse team, supporting the identification and support of Young Carer’s throughout Angus.  I feel privileged to be in this position and work alongside my team to provide a variety of support and activity opportunities to our Young Carers, which is individual to them.  I previously worked for a voluntary organisation providing support for children and adults with physical and learning disabilities, for 12 years, during my role, was when I was made aware of the tremendous support and work that our unpaid carers provide, they are a true asset. Prior to my role with ACC, I was a Registered Care Home Manager, where I learnt to adapt my knowledge and skills to support my team and residents through two and a half years of the pandemic.  I am married to Richard, with 2 daughters and two wonderful grandchildren.  I must admit, the favourite child of all, is our Cocker Spaniel, Dipper, he is simply wonderful.  I enjoy holidays abroad, cooking, spending time as a family, meals out, socialising and walking our fur-baby.

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Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am a Young Carer Education Development Worker for Primary Schools.

I am passionate about my role and strongly believe every young person who is caring for someone at home should be recognised and supported correctly.  Through The Promise Project I am working with young carers in school to support them in a safe and comfortable environment through 1:1 support and group sessions to build positive friendships with other young people that find themselves in a similar situation.

Along with working with pupils in school, I am working alongside the school staff teams to ensure they can identify young carers, how best to support them and completing young carers statements.

Outside of work I have a very busy homelife with a young family that keep me on my toes! There is very little time to relax but when I do get the opportunity I like to bake, read and keep myself active.

Hi, my name is Debbie, and I am an Education Development Worker within ‘The Promise Project’.

My role is to raise awareness, help identify and support young carers with their emotional well-being within primary schools by offering a safe, creative space to allow children to openly talk about their emotions and/or difficulties they may be facing within their low-mid caring roles.

I am loving my new job here at Angus Carers Centre and I am enjoying the challenge of learning something new, as well as meeting with inspirational young people who can face big challenges daily.

Before coming here, I have covered many different roles of employment, but most of them have been working with children. 

My family and I were foster carers for over 13 years and in that job, I have met with and looked after many different children from families with different needs and requiring various supports.

For over 2 years I was employed at as a pupil support worker at Montrose Academy, which I found very strange, returning to the school I used to attend.

I have also worked in a young person’s residential unit as a social care officer.  I found this job to be very exciting as no two days were ever the same.  My favourite memory was working here throughout COVID which was a very daunting time for all of us.

Outside of work I am kept busy with my family. Husband runs his own joinery business, and we have two grown up boys.  Needless to say, the house is seldom quiet, as the older one is a drummer and both of them are into MMA.

I am looking forward to what this year will bring from Angus Young Carers as the project grows and makes firm foundations in schools.

My names Errol Obran, I am a Rights and Engagement Officer for the Angus Young Carers team. 

As a rights and engagement officer I meet with young people in and out of school, complete assessments, offer one to one support and work with my team to create activities for these young people outside of their caring role.

I have been a Youth Worker for over a decade working in various roles in Australia and Scotland from hospitals, schools and out in the community. There have been so many incredible experiences I have had as a youth worker, and I look forward to continuing this work in Angus and having the pleasure to work in this community. 

Outside of work I enjoy pretty much everything, but I’m new to Scotland so any chance I get I’m out exploring as much of this beautiful country as I can.

Hi, my name is Heather, I am a Sessional Rights and Engagement Officer.  My role at Angus Young Carers is to support Young Carers to be involved with group activities.

When I am not working, I enjoy outdoor activities, walking, cycling and a good hike up the Glens.

My name is Lee, I am a Sessional Rights and Engagement Officer, and my main role is supporting activities for Young Carers and the Family Programme on a part-time basis.  I love my job and previously worked as a volunteer for Angus Carers before interviewing for this post.  I love seeing the kids getting that bit of time to their self, to act as kids and have fun, and meet other Young Carers.

I also work full-time as a Senior Admin Officer in the town and have been in this role for over 30 years.  Both jobs are so very different, & diverse, but I enjoy them both so much.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, and my 3 cats, and also just chilling.

Hi,  I’m Linda I work as a Sessional Rights and Engagement Officer with the Angus Young Carers and Families Programme team. I support young carers to participate in different groups/activities and families to enjoy some fun activities and days out together.

When I’m not there you can find me in the kitchen,  baking up some sweet treats . I love the outdoors and visiting new places . I thrive in helping other people and trying to make a difference to others.  I have a positive outlook in life and like to share this with the young carers and families programme.

Adult Carers Team

Hi, I am Leah and I have only recently joined the team at ACC. I am very much looking forward to meeting carers and learning about my new job role in more depth.

I have a background of working within health & social care, mainly within residential care homes. I very much enjoy the caring role; but I do understand the difficulties and challenges that carers face and I hope to bring this understanding and knowledge into my role to better support carers.

Outside of work I am kept very busy, I am a mother of two children who really keep me on my toes. I also live with my partner Ross and our golden retriever fur baby Skye. We love to spend time together, and especially enjoy it when we are all off together which sometimes does not happen often. We love countryside woodland walks and trips to the beach, and when we are not out adventuring, we are usually at home playing in the garden, baking or watching movies.

07387 017445


My name is Tanya and I am a Rights and Engagement Officer with ACC, I have been here since April 2022 and am thoroughly enjoying my role. Everyone here has made me feel welcome and settled and I’m proud to say I am part of the team.  My role involves me cofacilitating our Care for a Cuppy groups,  signposting carers onto other services we work in partnership with and give emotional support if and when required.

Previously I worked in the Employability sector for 15 years, 12 of those were based within Criminal Justice helping those with convictions get back into work/further education/training and 3 with Remploy supporting people with disabilities and mental help back into sustainable work.

In my spare time I love walking in nature and love nothing more than setting off early and spending the whole day outdoors. I’m a huge dance music lover and attend events/festivals across the UK and Europe when I can!

07842 318413


Community Engagement Team

I’m excited to be part of this new chapter for the Angus Carers Centre. I’m looking forward to be able to give carers the chance to ‘take a breath’, relax and feel supported.

I can’t wait to have FUN with all our members, making a difference to their day, week, month and year!

01241 439157

E: lyne.souter@anguscarers.org.uk

I am Shannon and I am so excited to be a part of this exciting opportunity at Angus Carers. I was a young carer and then an adult carer and now I am part of an amazing team starting a project that will bring great benefits to our community in Angus. This is something I am enthusiastic and grateful to be a part of as it will have a great positive impact on the community and carers in Angus!

01241 439157

E: shannon.evans@anguscarers.org.uk

Corporate Team

Jill has been with Angus Carers Centre since September 2019 following 28 years in the Civil Service.

She is currently responsible for processing, analysing, and making sense of qualitative and quantitative data. In addition, Jill performs a variety of administrative and business support tasks supporting the Angus Carers Centre team.

Jill is married to Stuart and has a cat called Dora. Outside of work Jill likes traveling, socialising, and retail therapy.

01241 439157

Nicky’s role as Business Support Officer assists the organisation by updating, maintaining and monitoring our carer record management system. She supports the organisation in many ways from being the first point of contact in Reception with Jill to coordinating  equipment and resources.  If you’ve called the office in the last 13 years, chances are you’ve spoken to Nicky.

When not working she spends all her time on the beach with her beloved collie – Panda or redeploying treasures found in charity shops. 

01241 439157

Hello, my name is Wendy Hooley. I am the Funding Projects Manager and started in this role in June 2021. I am responsible for writing and submitting applications to secure funding for the work of ACC.

I have had a very varied career to date, mostly working in HR, Training, Finance and Research Finance both in Local Government and various Scottish Universities. I also worked for Scottish Water as a Training & Development Co-ordinator and was responsible for all kinds of technical training, which resulted in me becoming a trained Forklift and dumper truck operator!

My husband and I live in Fife with our German Shepherd Dog called Brodie.

07387 017447



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