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What we do

Here are some of the projects we focus on at angus carers centre, from aiding working carers to Alcohol and Substance Use support.

Locality Project
Rights and Engagement Officers are linked to GP practices throughout Angus to help support carers in their own localities. This is done through 1:1 support, group work, training and social events and activities. We also work closely with other community support networks within the localities of Angus.

Parent Carers
We provide specific support, advice and encouragement to parents who care for a child with additional support needs. This support can help a parent to gain a better understanding of their situation, identify ways in which things can be improved and recognise new ways to cope. This is done through 1:1 support, home visits, group work, learning opportunities and social events and activities.

Alcohol and Substance Use
We provide support and advice to family and friends who are affected by someone’s alcohol or substance use. We do this via 1:1 support with a carer support worker, group and peer support, learning and development opportunities such as local drug trends and Nalaxone training sessions, along with social events and activities. We work alongside local services within Angus such as Hillcrest Futures, TCA and AIDARS to ensure carers feel fully supported within their role.

Working Carers

We fully understand the difficulties when trying to juggle work and caring responsibilities. Events are held in the evenings, which can allow working carers to get together and share their experiences. 1:1 support, group work, learning opportunities and social events and activities are also available. 

Families Programme
This is a planned programme of events and activities for families who have a child with additional support needs and their siblings. The programme allows families to participate in activities in a safe, secure and fun environment. Details of all events are published in a Families Programme newsletter.


Carers may have unresolved and emotional issues with which they need help to address. We can offer a counselling service to come to terms with life-changing situations.

Social Events
We offer a range events and activities aimed specifically at carers. These can provide a welcome break from caring and the chance to meet others in a similar situation. Carers’ Support Groups meet regularly at various locations throughout Angus and have proved popular with carers who want to get together and chat with other carers over a tea and scones. We also offer occasional day trips for carers, with the latest trips being to The Royal Yacht Britannia and The Scottish Parliament. Details of upcoming events can be found on the Events page in the “What’s On” section of the website.

Pampering Days
On average, on a twice yearly basis, Pampering Sessions for carers are provided in conjunction with Angus College. These provide carers with the opportunity to take time out from their routine and be well and truly pampered and also time to meet with other carers. Angus College students will offer hair styling, manicures, pedicures and facials. The day is rounded off with an excellent lunch in the college restaurant.

Local Support Groups

Please look back here and also the Events page for updated information.  The carer development team will also keep you informed.


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