The Board of Directors of Angus Carers Association have overall responsibility for the governance of Angus Carers Centre as defined in Angus Carer Association “Articles of Association” and “Code of Governance”. (For copies of these documents please contact )

The Board has legal responsibility to act within the terms of various aspects of Charity Law and Company Law.  It must also ensure that all legislation in relation to the employment of staff, Health and Safety, Data Protection, copyright and that relating to buildings and leases are also adhered to.

Directors on the Board are individually responsible for promoting the aims and profile of Angus Carers Association in the wider community locally and collectively responsible for ensuring that the organisation is financially sound and that systems, procedures and techniques are updated to modern standards.

Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers who give their time, skills and experience to assist in the running of the organisation. The current directors are:

  • Lorna Barenberg – Chairperson
  • Margaret Hagan – Co Vice Chairperson
  • Barbara Proctor – Co Vice Chairperson 
  • Jane McKinlay – Director
  • Morag McKenzie – Director 

Directors fulfil their responsibilities by adhering to The Five Core Principles, as set out by Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum.

Organisational Purpose

A well-run board is clear about the purpose and values of the organisation and how it will achieve its aims.


A well-run board is clear about its role and responsibilities, and provides strategic direction in line with the organisation’s purpose, vision and values.

Board behaviour

A well-run board, both collectively and individually, embraces and demonstrates mutual respect, integrity, openness and accountability.


A well-run board will develop and implement appropriate controls to direct and oversee progress and performance of the organisation.


A well-run board understands its role, powers and duties and works collectively and proactively, to achieve its organisational purpose.

More information on the Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum at 


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