About Us


Our vision is that all carers in Angus will receive appropriate information and support to enable them to feel valued and confident in their caring situation and to develop their own potential.


Our mission at Angus Carers Center is to improve the quality of life for all carers in Angus.

Our aims

We do this by:

  • Providing an information and advice service
  • Offering support to carers at an emotional, practical and social level
  • Joining with carers in becoming actively involved in consultative and planning processes

Our journey

In May 1995, the “Angus Caring for Carers’ Network” provided support by linking individual carers with other carers and former carers who were willing to offer friendship and phone support.

This work was consolidated through the formation of the Angus Carers Association, which was set up by a small group of carers and former carers. From May 1995 to May 1996, this carers’ sitting service had 25 volunteer sitters, providing support to 17 carers.

By November 1996, the Angus Carers Association was formally constituted and is registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee.

In March 1998, the Centre opened in the High Street in Arbroath with three part-time staff and a full-time Centre Manager supporting 31 carers.

This was followed by a move to larger premises in Fisheracre in Arbroath – the old ‘Plough and Harrow’ pub. However, these premises also became too small to cope with the growth in staff, volunteers and carers as well as expanding services.

So, in September 2015, Angus Carers Centre moved down the road to 8 Grant Road (by the Morrisons’ Roundabout), where we now sit as, once again, the continued growth needed more room, better facilities and the ability to improve and expand. Today there are 23 staff, 81 volunteers, 1,932 registered adult carers and 202 young carers.


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