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Here to help with the cost of living crisis

At Angus Carers Centre, we care deeply about our local residents who help form and support the local community. It’s no secret that Angus, among the rest of the UK are feeling the pinch due to the rising cost of living crisis which is causing great waves of complications for our residents. As we have the means to support you through our partnerships with local charitable organisations, we have compiled a list of resources for you to access relative to your needs to assist your current situations. On this page you will find different grants and funds, a benefits calculator, and a financial budgeting tool to help as much as we can.

If you feel you have an exceptional circumstance to either of the resources below, please get in touch with us and we’ll put you in contact with the right people to support you.

Strangs Mortification

Strangs Mortification provides help to people in Forfar in need. If you currently receive housing benefits and have lived in Forfar for at least two years, you have access to this funding.

There is currently one grant available for exceptional circumstances, which covers  one-off items such as washing machines, cookers, carpets, beds and bedding. Please view the link below to access a more in-depth description of who from your local organisations you can contact for the application form, or one can download a virtual copy from this page.

The Angus Council Charitable Trust provides support to vulnerable individuals in Angus along with organisations and local groups with ongoing projects. The trust has given access to different types of funding for the seven geographical areas based on the council’s ward boundaries.

Through the below link, you can access either an individual or group application form which can either be emailed or handed to any council office.

Angus Council Charitable Trust

Turn2Us Grants Search

Knowing which grants you have access to can be a minefield, luckily Turn2Us Grant Search is here to help you. If you require grants but are unsure of which ones are available to you, and which would have the biggest relief to you, Turn2Us have a fantastic grant search you can access. To view which grants you might be missing out on, you simply need to answer some questions privately, submit them, and you’re then provided with each grant you can apply for.

The grants are provided from registered charitable UK organisations who assist those in need, and anyone can apply. Many of the charities providing grants also help those who can’t claim welfare benefits due to their status in the UK, with each fund paying out in its own specific way be it money, products or services.

To access the Grant Search, please follow the link below to see which grants you can apply for.

If you are struggling to work out which level of benefits you’re able to receive based on your specific circumstances, the Angus Council have a free and easy to use benefits calculator to help with the process. You’ll receive a document which can be referred back to at a later date, or amended as you wish.

A big advantage of using this calculator is to check if your current received benefits are aligned with what you’re entitled to, to make sure you aren’t missing out. If you’re already in employment, you can also check to see if your entitlements would change if you were to taken on, or reduce your scheduled weekly hours.

Angus Council benefits calculator

Angus Budgeting Tool

Angus Council understand that a main issue for most is their monthly budgeting. It can be daunting to calculate your monthly outgoings to gain an overview of your finances. Luckily, they provide you with an easy to use budgeting tool to support you in taking control of your finances to create your own budgeting plan. It only takes a few minutes to fill out before you have access to your report.

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