Angus Carers Centre becomes a Real Living Wage Employer

Angus Carers Centre joins the ranks of 3,000 Scottish employers and becomes an Accredited Real Living Wage Employer.

Becoming an accredited Real Living Wage Employer marks a significant step towards recognising the value of Angus Carers Centre’s people. While it benefits directly the employees, it also impacts their families, opportunities that lie ahead of them and the wider society. Our people make Angus Cares Centre what it is, and they deserve to be paid at least the Real Minimum Living Wage.

“It’s so important for current and future employees to know Angus Carers Centre is an accredited real living wage employer; it shows we are a caring, fair and supportive workplace” – Margaret Hagan, Board Member

Knowing that my employer is committed to ensuring that all staff are paid the real living wage makes me proud to work for an organisation who values their staff and wants to see pay equality for all. It is reassuring to know that Angus Carers Centre has made the long-term commitment to ensure that they pay staff an hourly rate that is reflective of the cost of living, and that this rate will continue to increase on an annual basis

Wendy Hooley
Trusts and Partnership Development Officer
It was important to me and the Board to recognise the impact our people make on those we support. Being able to offer the Real Living Wage was simply the right thing to do. I want Angus Carers Centre to evolve into an employer of choice, an employer that listens to people, creates opportunities for staff to spread their wings, and creates conditions where they flourish, feel valued and fulfilled. Being an Accredited Real Living Wage Employer is simply the right thing to do, and a beginning of a transformation. Watch this space" -
Maciej Alexander
Chief Executive Officer

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