Angus Carers Centre launches a suite of wellbeing resources

New wellbeing and wellness resources

Following feedback from our carers, we are delighted to launch a suite of online wellbeing resources available to young and adult carers, and volunteers.

From anxiety, loneliness, to sleep issues and bullying, these resources offer quick video, audio and text wellbeing supports accessible to anyone at any time.

These valuable resources allow carers to take control of their own health and wellbeing resulting in increased resilience, independence and self-esteem, ultimately improving the quality of life for unpaid carers and those they look after.

What’s more, with one in five people in the UK having disability, including sight loss and dyslexia, we have introduced an accessibility tool – ReciteME , that allows carers to access this resource in the way that suits carers – simply click on ‘accessibility tools’ in the top right corner of our website.

It felt like the monkey I had been carrying on my back for all those years was finally slipping off. With all your support and the helpful website resources, you have set me on a path of discovery but importantly self-recovery. I would never have got to where I am without Angus Carers Centre’s help and support
Heather Jamieson*
unpaid carer

Available resources

  • I can’t sleep,
  • I don’t feel I can cope anymore,
  • I’m being bullied,
  • I’m grieving,
  • I’m being controlled by the person I care for.

  • I feel angry,
  • I feel depressed,
  • I feel lonely,
  • I feel different to other people,
  • The person I’m caring for is dying.

* name has been changed

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