A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps to look after or support a member of their family due to physical or learning disability, mental illness, physical illness, drug or alcohol problems, chronic or terminal illness.

The person the young carer looks after might be their mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparent or any other person close to their family. They may look after the person all by themselves or they may help someone else. Many young people don’t even realise that they are a young carer.

Young carers may cook, clean, do shopping, look after brothers and sisters, give medication, help with washing and bathing, or even just keep someone company. Every young carer’s situation is different – it is not necessarily the amount of care undertaken, but the impact that it has on a young person’s life.

Sometimes, a young carer may experience difficulties as a result of their caring situation. They may find it difficult to find time to do things that other people their age do, like homework, go out with friends, or enjoy themselves.

If you are a young carer, or think you know someone else who is, who could benefit from our support, please contact us using the contact us page. We can then discuss the next steps with you as well as providing you with all the information you need.

A Carers Week Video from Gillian
Thursday 11th June 2020

Carers' Week 2020 - a video from Gillian Condy, Young Carers' Service Co-ordinator at Angus Carers Centre

This year the theme for Carers Week 2020 is making carers visible.Young Carers from PKAVS, Dundee Carers Centre and Angus Young Carers have came together virtually to highlight young people in an unpaid caring role. Thank you so much for all who got involved and provided videos.

To see Gillian's video, follow this link or click on the image below.

What we offer

  • One-to-one support

    One-to-one support with an experienced member of our team allows the young carer to share any concerns they may be having in confidence, and receive guidance and support to assist them in coping with their caring role.

  • Young Carer Groups

    We currently offer monthly groups for two age groups – over 12s and under 12s. These groups offer young carers a chance to make new friends and to get a break from their caring responsibilities at home. The groups will consist of organised activities, discussions, and a chance to meet other young carers, and have some fun.

  • Residential Breaks and Day Trips

    From time to time we are able to offer young carers the chance to get away for a few days, in a group if their home situation allows. This allows the young carers to have time away from home, to try new things, and have some fun. We also organise one-off day trips during school holidays for young carers.

  • Young Carers' Newsletter

    Some Young Carers may feel that they do not want or need regular support from the Young Carers Worker, through one to one support or group activities. In these cases the Young Carer will receive our newsletter every 3 months containing news about activities and events, as well as other useful information for young carers.

  • Schools' Work

    Currently one of the young carers workers visit schools throughout Angus to talk to first year classes or assemblies to raise awareness of young carers, some of the problems they may face and how the young carers service can support young carers.

Where to Find Help

If this Young Carers section describes you and your situation, someone else or if you are not sure, one of our representatives would be happy to discuss further and help. Please contact us or call 01241 439157, Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM.

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